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so these are some lovely people that i adore endlessly and put up with my shit quite a bit. ignoring that dumb rhyme because i can’t think of another way to word it; please, if i missed you, i deeply apologize. 

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alanashbys | alltimebandwhore | andybiercan | antiflags | austincrlile | awgaskarths | backtraxkbarakatjackbenbruces | blackvist | caraphernatalia | carapherxelia | capnfggt | dannyxworsnopdeathsp3llsdrellaveil | die-in-beautifulstars 

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kelllin | keyxstreet | mabbell | mabbitts | mcdougll | mck1nnonnishii | prciado 

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raetororeleasethedoves | sawmotionless | s-andpitturtle scissorhandds | tonyxturtle | tonysperrys | ughjaimepreciado | vicfluentes | vicfuenttesvicfxentes | villianindisguisevlntinowednesdayskellington | whiskeyxhands | whysucks | xlingering | zackmerricx | zandigs

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I don’t really have a specific reason to be doing this, I’m far from a goal or an anniversary but I felt like it, soo.. here we go! Please don’t feel snubbed if you were left out, I’m very scatterbrained and I did try to include everyone. Thank you guys so soo much for following me! 

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stuv screamsaimfire; tonysperrys; vicc-fuentes

wxyz whiskeyxhands; whysucks; xasiralx

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Photo Diary: Tilburg by Adam Elmakias.

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Photo Diary: Stuttgart by Adam Elmakias.

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